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5 Secrets to a Happy Workplace

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5 Secrets to a Happy Workplace


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Did you know that every month over 26,000 people type “I hate my job” into Google? How many of these people could be your employees or co-workers and what damage is their resistance doing to your organisation?

Given that most workers spend more time with their colleagues than their family, it’s not surprising they want a workplace that cultivates positive relationships and appreciates their contribution. Unfortunately for many this is not the case. Resistance to change, criticism and negativity are common blockers to the cohesive workplace that so many desire.

Whether your business is large or small and whether you’re a manager or business owner, an important part of leadership is providing the opportunity for your team to grow and evolve. In fact, you can’t grow your business without growing your people.

Imagine a workplace where staff are empowered with personal development tools to inspire their own self-growth; a workplace where staff take responsibility for their happiness. Imagine no further, this can be your workplace.

Melissa Schembri’s 5 Secrets to a Happy Workplace will provide you and your team with the tools to increase personal happiness and lay the foundations for a happy workplace.

Melissa’s warm, joyous, interactive and uplifting style combined with her corporate experience and qualifications makes her the perfect messenger for unveiling the ‘secrets’ to a more rewarding professional and personal life.

The workshop’s content is cleverly presented in a simplistic yet information-rich way resonating with entry level staff right through to senior management; and those commencing their personal development journey to the advanced.

5 Secrets to a Happy Workplace is frequently presented as a one-day teambuilding workshop, however Melissa is happy to tailor the workshop to your needs. Having presented to thousands of people on the east coast of Australia, Melissa has a proven track record for positively transforming workplace culture. The workshops have been successfully delivered to both public and private sectors and all have experienced outstanding benefits. Due to high demand, Melissa will be embarking on her Australian tour to bring 5 Secrets to a Happy Workplace to the nation during 2013.

This workshop is a gift to your staff – and you – to help them make sense of their lives and empower them to view the world from a new perspective. To receive your FREE initial consultation with Melissa Schembri and explore how you can transform your workplace today, call Melissa on 0403 327 792.


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“I really enjoyed the workshop because it showed myself and my team another way to live life and cope with the stress in our workplace. It really made my team see other possibilities”. Jeff – Mining Project Manager

“It was a great team bonding experience and it taught me how to move on and not become bogged down with negative issues. To appreciate all the good things.”  Brett – Supervisor

“This workshop brings work mates closer. I thought it was fun! And it taught me that i’m responsible for my own happiness and success.” Tait

“I loved how we got to do practical and fun things throughout the workshop. It really opened my eyes and made me feel great about who I am. It was so good to hear Melissa’s life story and what tools she used to get to where she is today. It has made me realise how vital and important it is to have positive thoughts and an overall positive outlook on life and how it can change your life. Loved it, thank you so much.”  Monica

“I really enjoyed sharing and getting my team to take ownership of their own stuff. This workshop reinforced my current thoughts and beliefs.” Sue – General Manager

“This workshop opened my mind to new ways of thinking and growing! It was very interactive and reminded me to find the joy in everyday.” Di

“The workshop reminded me that I am in control of my own destination and thoughts and feelings. The workshop was really well presented and made me think. It has given me a lot of clarity.” Marlene

“The workshop gave me a lot of food for thought. It was very inspirational and helped me realise where I am having blockages in my life and how to dissolve them.” Rita

“I loved Melissa’s vibrant presentation of such valuable information. Her smiling positive attitude and relentless non-acceptance of negativity.  It gave me the tools to achieve my goals.” Donna

“It was very inspiring for me and concreted a lot of my most recent reflections of self. Thank you and I wish my husband could have been here!” Kieren

“The workshop gave me some great ideas to change the way that I think. I now know what I can do to make my life a happier one.” Kim

“I now have a whole new way to think and approach life. These skills will contribute to both my professional and personal life and are a whole new way of looking at life. I have never seen anything like this before.” Cheryl

“I loved the element of surprise. I had no idea what was going to unfold. The content made sense to me and I look forward to applying my new found knowledge” Julie

“The workshop inspired me to move forward and let go of my resistance. I gained understanding of others around me and the part I play in my dissatisfaction with work.  No more negative thoughts in my head.” Colleen


Melissa Schembri presents the Dream Job 21 Program designed for senior school students to help them identify a career path that is the BEST MATCH to their talent, skill and passion. To engage Melissa for your school, contact Melissa Schembri on 0403 327 792.

Channel 7 News – June 2010

Melissa Schembri presents the Dream Job 21 Senior School program to Sunshine Coast Grammar School.

The Dream Job 21 Program

Based on her book ‘How To Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days’ Melissa has developed the ‘Dream Job 21 Student Career Program’. This is a fun and inspiring one day workshop that helps Senior School Students realise their full potential and identify a career path that is the BEST MATCH to their desire, talent and skill.

It is an an amazing workshop designed to inspire students to make a decision and take ownership of their future. The Dream Job 21 workshop is a very cost effective and focused program which after its completion, enables Career Advisors to effectively assist the students in University enrolments, VET and work experience. Melissa is a dynamic and youthful speaker and develops a special connection with students.

Kelly – Year 12 student writes “This was really great Melissa. Usually if a speaker comes to school about my future, I zone out. I have the worst concentration span ha ha. You had me listening from start to finish. Keep going, this is fantastic. It’s really opened me up to what I enjoy and what I need to do to get there. Thankyou :) x “

Ideal audience groups – senior school students yr.10-12, dis-engaged youth, career transitioners, university students and graduates

Revolutionary - Melissa’s command of the English language and her joyous enthusiasm to impart her knowledge is empowering and revolutionary.

Ideal audience groups – student and graduant groups, career and motivtional events

Achieving Maximum Potential - Melissa has an incredible wealth of experience in all areas of life but her passion is to lead the awakening of people’s full potential and unleash their passion.

Ideal audience groups – managment and corporate groups, student groups and career events

Success Psychology - A leading expert on the law of attraction, career management, corporate leadership and the entrepreneurial mindset, Melissa is able to articulate the psychology behind our beliefs and actions and how they directly affect our results.

Ideal audience groups – change managment, performance improvement workshops

Melissa is available for speaking engagements in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe.

Melissa will give your audience the tools to take control and ownership of their future.


Key Note Speaking

Are you looking for an interesting, uplifting and informative key note speaker for your next corporate event? Melissa will WOW your audience with her thrilling stories and real life examples of how you can use the Law of Attraction to start living your dreams. Melissa has presented to thousands of people and leaves her audiences inspired, motivated and completely filled with KNOWLEDGE, JOY and LOVE FOR LIFE!.

Business Coaching

If you are a business owner or manager and want to take your business to the next level or need some workplace motivation, Melissa can help.

Peak Performance Coaching

Are you ready to achieve something REALLY BIG and need a peak performance coach to keep you focused and take you to the next level? Whether it’s business, sport, cultural or career, Melissa can help you take the steps to get to where you want to go.

To book Melissa Schembri for coaching, key note speaking engagements, corporate workshops or school programs:

Contact by phone 0403 327 792

Contact by email melissa@dreamjob21.com

“It has really been an incredible journey of self discovery, opportunity awareness and career mapping for the students. It’s great to see them taking ownership of their future in a fun and exciting way.”

Nigel Fairburn, Headmaster of Sunshine Coast Grammar

Event Speaker bookings and enquiries can be made by phone:

0403 327 792 or email melissa@dreamjob21.com

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