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‘How to Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days’ is more than just a book. When you read the 31 lessons and complete the 21 days of activity and self assessments, this book becomes your career journal, your step-by-step map to really making it to where you want to be, and doing what you love.

“How To Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days” is a Best Selling Book distributed throughout Australia by Bermingham Books.

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Channel 7 News – Book Launch Interview

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“Melissa’s Dream Job book has put all my floating thoughts, ambitions and lifelong dreams together, making what I want for my future clear and focused. I am a Personal Trainer and can’t just stop at that but I didnt know what i wanted or where to go next to climb the business ladder and make more money. I completed Melissa’s book and now have started working on designing up my own fitness clothing line, training to be a sports/role model and working up to owning my own business/studio. This book has helped me understand what i want, ive never had such big dreams and most of all, my drive is strong enough now to make it all happen!
–Karina Selfe”

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Your book is awesome! I think it is a fantastic tool to guide and organize a young person looking for work, I love the check sheets and I love the focus!
–Jody Tunnicliffe
Chief Executive Officer
Sunshine Coast Youth Partnership Inc.

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