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“My story is about helping people understand the power of their mind so that they can start living the life they dream of. I am thrilled by the results that my audiences and clients receive once they start making a few simple changes.”

About Melissa

From boardrooms practising law to workplaces throughout Australia transforming the lives of thousands of people, Melissa Schembri’s track record is impressive.

After completing a Bachelor of Law and Arts (majoring in Psychology and Philosophy) at Queensland University of Technology, Melissa worked with several national and international law firms in Australia’s business capital, Sydney. Armed with this knowledge, she returned to Queensland to become one of the youngest female lawyers to open a law firm and in 2008 won the Australian Institute of Management’s ‘Young Manager of the Year’.

Despite having a thriving property law practice, Melissa realised she was not following her true passion in life – helping others to live their best life possible. Combining her psychology and philosophy knowledge with the revolutionary work of Jerry and Esther Hicks, she started on her journey of fulfilling her dream of creating a life of abundance, happiness and enriching relationships. Applying Hicks’ teachings to her own life, Melissa has created incredible results.

In 2009 Melissa sold her law firm and began her new career of bringing personal development to the corporate world and educational institutions. After helping thousands of people on their journey to true career happiness, 2011 saw Melissa’s first book How to Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days reach bestseller status. (See youtube clip below)

Over the last few years, Melissa has taken her message on the road sharing the secrets of personal happiness to workplaces in commercial, corporate and government sectors. Melissa lives and breathes what she teaches: a true example of someone who can ‘walk the talk’. Her teambuilding workshop “5 Secrets to A Happy Workplace” is transforming workplaces in Australia.

When you need a keynote speaker for an awards night, networking breakfast, conference or full day workshop, Melissa Schembri is a crowd favourite and will leave your audience buzzing with inspiration. For a FREE initial consultation with Melissa please complete the contact page or call Melissa on 0403 327 792.


Melissa has taken her vast experience in personal growth and life-changing leadership and written a guidebook that’s sure to help readers find their dream jobs. Work is a central part of our lives, so it stands to reason that if you have your dream job, then you are a big step closer to your dream life.  Melissa’s guidebooks give you 21 strategies to discover and pursue your dream job.

How to Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days (Adult Edition)

This guidebook has 21 tried-and-tested strategies that will help you discover and secure your dream job.  So if you are looking for a change in careers and want something to ignite you passion then this is a must read!

How to Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days (Student Edition)

Leaving school means a big change in your life.  The strategies revealed in ‘How to Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days’ will help you to find your direction so you can start the next stage of your life on the right foot.

Contact Melissa and take the next step to your dream job.

“My name is Sharyn Howard and in December 2009 I attended Melissa’s incredible book launch party of “How To Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days”. I had not met Melissa prior to the event.

At that stage I was working in a law firm while dreaming of a different life. I was so inspired by Melissa and her message to “follow your bliss and doors will open” that I took 6 months leave from my job and followed MY dream of working with orphanages in Katmandu. I have climbed the great Himalayas, walked with Monks, visited the Dalai Lama and helped hundreds of people.

Thank you Melissa for inspiring me to believe that I could follow my bliss and doors would open.”

Sharyn Howard & Melissa Schembri

Sharyn Howard

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