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Author of the best selling book “How to Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days”, Melissa Schembri is inspiring the masses to follow their dreams both personally and professionally.

Prior to being an Author and Motivational Speaker, Melissa was a qualified lawyer for 10 years, law-firm Owner and Arts (Psychology, Philosophy) graduate.

Melissa spent her life researching and studying the secrets to happiness, wealth, health, meaningful work and relationships.

Having found the answers along with personal success, Melissa retired from her corporate life at age 31 and formally began her passion and life purpose of sharing the secrets to a happy, healthy and abundant life.

As a leading authority in the areas of personal / professional development and peak performance, Melissa has an incredible ability to articulate the elements of creating the future you want to see.

Melissa will change your perspective on life as you know it and inspire you to unleash your magnificent potential.

find your dream job in 21 days


Melissa helps people find a satisfying career pathway

Mackay Daily Mercury 7th January 2011

How To Find Your Dream Job Book and Workshops Melissa SchembriHow To find your dream job in 21 days workbook and workshops Melissa Schembri

“If you’re not happy at work,you’re not happy.It’s a truth that may hit too close to the bone for many, but Mackay residents can take heart from the wisdom of recently returned local Melissa Schembri.

Ms Schembri turned her life around when she cut her career as a high-end lawyer to find her true passion as a personal development author and speaker”

Macquarie University – Dream Job 21 Workshop

Macquarie Globe Edition 45, 17 November 2010

Melissa Schembri How To Find Your Dream Job in 21 days workshop macquarie university

“International students swapped their pyjamas for business attire to have breakfast with established industry professionals last week at the International Careers and Recruitment Service Speed Networking event.

The event was run by Melissa Schembri, inspirational speaker, writer and winner of the Australian Institute of Management’s Young Manager of the Year in 2008. Two days before the breakfast, Melissa ran a full-day seminar for 75 students titled ‘How to Find your Dream Job in 21 Days’.”

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June 2010 – Dream Job 21 One Day School Workshop

Melissa Schembri presents the Dream Job 21 Program designed for senior school students to help them identify a career path that is the BEST MATCH to their talent, skill and passion. For more information, go to www.DreamJob21.com.

December 2009 – Interview with Melissa Schembri

Career Philosopher & Author Melissa Schembri launches her book “How To Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days”. The success of the book has led to the development of the “Dream Job 21 program” now being run in Senior High Schools.

November 2009 – Pedr Francis

Using the principal’s in Melissa’s Book “How To Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days” Pedr Francis (Melissa Schembri’s Husband) follows his bliss of motoring journalism taking us to Tokyo’s International Motor Show.

Tokyo Motor Show, Japan

November 2009 – Interview with Dan Williams and Dream Job 21

Dan talks about the strategies he applied to get a job doing what he is crazy about!

How To Work On Millionaire Yachts in the Mediterranean

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“Melissa’s Dream Job book has put all my floating thoughts, ambitions and lifelong dreams together, making what i want for my future clear and focused. I am a Personal Trainer and can’t just stop at that but i didnt know what i wanted or where to go next to climb the business ladder and make more money. I completed Melissa’s book and now have started working on designing up my own fitness clothing line, training to be a sports/role model and working up to owning my own business/studio. This book has helped me understand what i want, ive never had such big dreams and most of all, my drive is strong enough now to make it all happen! –Karina Selfe”

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