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“The most wonderful thing about life is that everyone is unique and we all want different things. There is an abundant supply of experiences and opportunities available to us.” –Melissa Schembri

Full time workers dedicate approximately 70% of their adult life to work, so the way you feel about your job has a major impact on your health, happiness and those around you.

“How To Find Your Dream Job In 21 Days” gives you step by step guidance on escaping the “job rut” and finding a career that you really enjoy and is worthy of your time and talent. Whether you are single, or have kids and a mortgage, this book will show you how to make a smooth transition into your dream career while keeping control of your financial position.

In this book, Melissa Schembri reveals her leading edge methodologies which empowered her to achieve personal and professional success. Her book will inspire you to explore hundreds of career pathways within 20 interest categories, giving you incredible career opportunities that will suit your passion, talent and lifestyle.

You will understand that it is not the choice of occupation that prevents people from wealth, but their attitude towards money. Melissa will explain that money can flow to you from an infinite number of ways. Her clever approach of treating your personal career as a business with incredible potential and opportunity, will enable you to start creating the outcomes you desire.

Melissa’s book builds on the examples of real people who have followed the activities and teachings in this book.

Success stories include:

a 4WD motor mechanic who worked out his dream was to film a 4WD television show and then landed a job as a co-host on Australia’s first national 4WD television show aired on Australia’s number one TV station. Utilising the strategies of the book again, he then went on to head his own film production company;

a well paid manager whose dream was to be an Artist. By following the strategies in this book, she had surpassed her top paying managerial wage within two years, and within three years, had printed gift cards, puzzles, published 12 books and had plenty more in the pipeline.

By reading ‘How to Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days’ and completing the 21 days of activity and self assessments you will:

  • Examine how you want to structure your income, career or business

  • Have a probing look at what you are passionate about, or very interested in

  • Recognise your transferrable skills that most people are not aware of, and carry out a fun and comprehensive skills and experience audit – you will amaze yourself!

  • Encourage you to think BIG about what you want to do as a job – the 21 day strategies will lead you there

  • Self assess on 20 job subjects and hundreds of jobs

  • Guide you to control your financial position during career change

  • Be ready to attract and prosper in your dream job

How to Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days’ is more than just a book. When you read the 31 lessons and complete the 21 days of activity and self assessments, this book becomes your career journal, your step-by-step map to really making it to where you want to be, and doing what you love. You are encouraged and guided to plot a clear course toward your own career satisfaction and joy.

Explore the book chapters and see what’s inside

Get your copy and get started!

Dream Job in 21 Days How To Find Your Dream Job in 21 Days

“As an Author, Inspirational Speaker and Success Coach, Melissa is fast becoming one of Australia’s leading authorities in the areas of Career Management, Corporate Leadership, Personal Development and Entrepreneurialship.”

CEO of Crawford Corporations – Melissa Crawford

“IBISWorld reports on over 500+ industries across 17 different sectors and within these is a wealth of new and emerging career opportunities that readers can explore and match to their career goals”.

James Karklins, Marketing Manager
IBISWorld Pty Ltd

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