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1.    What Will This Book Do For Me?

This is an inspiring book that will help you find your perfect career. You will discover what you want for your life and how to create it.

2.    But I Don’t Know What I Want To Do?

The trick is to really think about all of the things you love and are good at, then find a job that is the perfect match to your skills, passions and personality

3.    What If I’ve Made The Wrong Career Decision?

The skills that you learn in different jobs will later help you teach, specialise or formulate a unique business or position that can give you a point of difference.

4.    But I Didn’t Get Good Marks At School

If you study the BRW Rich List, you will find on average that only half of the Entrepreneurs have University degrees. Everyone is unique and has a different style of learning.

5.    I Will Only Be Happy When I’m There

Your career is ongoing and you will never get it done, because it is never complete.

6.    How Will I Know?

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, see if you can arrange work experience for yourself. It’s like going on a road trip. If you know your destination and what direction to travel; all you have to do is focus on the next 100 metres and you will get there.

7.    But I Don’t Have The Skills Or Qualifications For Anything Else

We will identify transferrable skills during the 21 day activities.

8.    What’s Passion Got To Do With It?

Passionate people see their future as enriched by learning more about what they love, so they are easy to teach.

9.    What If I’m Doing A Job I Don’t Like?

You are the one with the power to make a change. There are thousands of jobs available, you just have to define what you want and be desirous about finding it.

10.    What’s Your Relationship With Work?

You will notice a lot of people complain about their job. Finally they swap jobs and within three months are complaining again. The problem is not the workplace; the problem is often their attitude towards work.

11.    Has Your Job Passed Its ‘Use By Date’?

If your current job’s ‘use by date’ has expired, feel the wonderful freedom you have in choosing your departure date. Be grateful that you have the income while you are looking for another job.

12.    Why Should I Change?

Because nothing is more important than the way you feel. When you are feeling good, that’s when you are happy. If you don’t feel excited or stimulated by your current work, then you have several options, covered in this chapter.

13.    You Create Your Own Reality

Be excited at how easily your dream job will present itself to you. When a person has inspiration and focus, everything magically falls into place.

14.    What’s Your Relationship With Money?

It doesn’t matter what your past is, it will only determine your future if you continue to hold that belief. This chapter examines your beliefs about money.

15.    Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

You might find that in order to pursue your career, you may have to move cities or even countries. This chapter looks at various ways you can go about this process.

16.    What If I Can’t Find Work Overseas?

You will not have lost anything, but you will have gained valuable life experience and further refined what you want in life.

17.    Maybe I’m Just Not Good Enough

Think of it as a ‘numbers game’. If you apply for 100 jobs that are compatible with your passion, skills and qualifications, chances are the right match will occur.

18.    What If I Get Offered A Job That I Don’t Like?

Carefully analyse each job and really consider whether it is something you want. Research the company you are applying to and be prepared with questions about the day to day tasks of your new job.

19.    But There’s No Money In My Dream Job

It is not the choice of occupation that prevents people from wealth, but their attitude towards money. Money can flow to you from an infinite number of ways. We look at creative examples of this.

20.    But Everyone Wants The Same Job As Me

The most wonderful thing about life is that everyone is unique and we all want different things. There is an abundant supply of experiences and opportunities available to us.

21.    But My Partner/ Parents Won’t Let Me

The secret to living a happy and rewarding life is to follow your own dream and not compromise yourself to continually please others.

22.    But I Am Shy

Always focus on the things you did well during your interview and consider ways to improve next time.

23.    But I Am Disadvantaged

No matter what your perceived disadvantage, there IS a job out there for you if you want one.

24.    What Do I Really Want?

You might not always have an instant ability to change your physical position the second you want to, but you always have the freedom to change your thoughts at any time.

25.    Where Is Your Mindset?

The self analysis exercise in this chapter examines your mindset to see whether you have a resistant/negative mindset or a happy, healthy & wealthy mindset.

26.    Resistant Mindset

Identifies areas in our thinking that have the potential to work against us without us ever realising.

27.    A Happy, Healthy & Wealthy Mindset

A checklist of the healthy mindset we need to maintain in order to achieve or dream job.

28.    Managing Your Career

In this section we look at where you are in your career, where you want to go and how you are going to get there.

29.    You Are The CEO Of A Powerful Business

How well are you managing the business of YOU? You are a business with incredible potential and opportunity. You have the ability to achieve everything you desire. Melissa draws on her experience as an award winning Business owner.

30.    Are You An Entrepreneur?

An Entrepreneur is a visionary who can see a futuristic opportunity before it exists; they are optimistic about their future. They also have the desire and passion to bring their vision to reality.

31.    What If My Dream Job Doesn’t Exist Yet?

The 21 strategies revealed in the workbook section of the book are the exact same strategies used by some of Melissa’s case studies. These strategies are designed to unleash your passion and help you realise your full potential.

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